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'In ten sessions you'll feel the difference in twenty you'll see the difference and in thirty you'll have a new body'
-Joseph Pilates


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I have been working with people to help them make lifestyle changes and improve their health and fitness for over twenty years. It is a great source of satisfaction to see the improvements that can be achieved in a persons quality of life and self esteem when they start to make healthy choices.

Osteopaths and Physiotherapists know that pilates can help with back problems, my clients include patients from Bupa Hospital Harpenden, Redbourne Physiotherapy Clinic as well as many local practices. I work with people on a one to one basis and in groups, both in a private and corporate setting.

In addition to Pilates I have worked with medical practitioners to formulate Cardiac Rehab Programmes for their patients and set up successful weight loss programmes, giving nutritional, exercise and lifestyle guidance.

My main goal in working with people is to help them achieve their personal best.


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